Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've just confessed everything via twitter... now what?

What I've just done-

was either:
a.) really stupid.
b.) really smart.
c.) reckless and brave.
d.) really stupid, reckless and brave.

jesus christ, internet... why do you have to be a gateway to my word vomit? and why is word vomit harder to keep down than actual vomit?

while I'm at it, here's more things I should throw out into the open:
  1. I don't miss Al... at all. But I will hate whatever girl he ends up with next.
  2. I DO miss Ben.
  3. I can't seem to [or want to] find anybody here because of number 2.
  4. I wish that every girl who's too shy, and every boy who thinks he's not good enough would just fess up and tell that certain someone how they feel about them. It's hard, it's scary- but in the end, isn't it always worth it?
  5. I miss the summer so much, it's like there's a freaking hole in my chest.
  6. you know what? I MISS HIGH SCHOOL. I do. I miss the simplicity of it... and I miss the kids I used to see every day.
and you know what? THESE are the real facts.

Until next time, stay classy kids.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Video games have taken over.

Last night, I played Kingdom Hearts for nine hours straight-

on somebody else's play station 2. And let me say that THIS is what college should be... ALL THE TIME. I have had quite possibly, the best birthday weekend/following week of my life. Let's backtrack a little, shall we? Friday I woke up around 5:30 p.m.[this is what happens when you don't sleep, and then crash my friends.] to about a million texts. More than half of them were from twitter but the other half were from my dad asking me if I would like to venture back home for the weekend. Sunday being my birthday and all, I typed a quick "YES!" threw some junk in a bag and patiently awaited nino. I spent friday night at my brothers wrestling tournament in rootstown and loved it. Saturday was lazy, the only time out and about was spent buying a new pair of shoes, and a few quiet hours in a coffee shop as katie tried, and for a while, successfully snuck into her new boy-man's show in the bar next door. Around 11:30 chelsea called and said her and timmy were coming to visit, and at 12:15 they showed up bursting through the door and were the first to wish me a happy birthday. Sunday morning was delicious, the three of us went to eat'n'park swapped stories and had breakfast. After they left, katie and caitlyn were over, watching various awful disney movies with me until about three. And finally, a three 'o clock on february fourteenth two-thousand and ten, I spent valentine's day and more important, my birthday with someone of the opposite sex. This boy went to high school with me,and we'd never spoken much. I was a little nervous to be meeting up with him, seeing as all we really had to go on was facebook statuses and blurred high school memories of each other. But this boy was very nice, and surprisingly funny. We got coffee, looked at records, he watched me smoke cigarettes and I watched him eat chipotle. We sat in his car for longer than planned, talked about music, people we knew and scaling buildings to get to the roof. I plan on seeing him again in march. This may have been the single best birthday ever.

The moral of this story: people are very nice... especially when they buy you cups at chipotle you could have very well bought yourself.

Song of the night: two headed boy- Neutral Milk Hotel.

Unitl next time, stay classy kids.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why yes, I DID spend all day watching other people play left 4 dead 2.

First and foremost:

I FREAKING GO TO COLLEGE AND I HAD A SNOW DAY TODAY! take THAT, high school kids! Second, I realize after drunk blogging, I fell behind on well..blogging. here's a few things I should tell you:
  • In exactly 6 days, I get older.
  • I turned down my first real college relationship.... via text message. [don't judge me, he made me text it.]
  • I saw something on facebook that actually made me cry tears of pure joy.
  • I made a video.
  • I bonded with some of the most unlikely girls, because the room mate I originally went to see was asleep.
  • I watched the super bowl... and kind of liked it.
  • I finally cried in front of jess.
  • I had a dance party consisting of all the songs you remember from prom.
  • I showed someone else's boyfriend my underwear for science.
  • I found even more reasons to love my old room mates.
and there you have it. A rather short, bulleted summary.

Until next time, stay classy kids.