Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can someone please turn down the chaos?

So lately-

every thing's kind of gone to hell. It's finally hit me that I have less than twenty days left in Ohio and how do I spend them? that's right kids, you guessed it. By sleeping with people I have NO business sleeping with. (although right now that's the least of my problems.) I have papers to fill out for housing, shit to buy, things to pack, people to say goodbye to and the longest standing case of insomnia in the history of my life to cure. Plus my future room mate and best friend is having a really hard time with her boyfriend- and if he doesn't stop being a douche by the time I move in, I'm going to rip his balls off. Truth be told fellow bloggers, I'm terrified of leaving. I thought at first moving away was going to be awesome, but then comes the late hours of the night when I'm awake and thinking about everything I'm leaving behind. I know I'm taking my time here for granted, waking up everyday at one and watching t.v. until my mom/dad comes home and lends me their car for the night. I loathe feeling bored and despondent when I know I have very limited time left to do what's needed to be done. It sort of feels like every thing's falling apart around me, and somehow I'm allowed to just leave and get away Scot-free. Maybe it's the nerves talking. Maybe it's my common sense trying to tell me something. Maybe I'm fucked, either way.

The moral of this story: college=anxiety attacks.

Until next time, stay classy kids.

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  1. Although this is probably a mean time to say so, I'm REALLY going to miss you. Come over soon?