Monday, January 18, 2010

Lessons learned today: when you shoot yourself in the mouth, don't expect your imaginary friends to stick around.

After an intense night of workouts and Fight Club-

I've come to realize this is what college is like. Funny, it's taken me three months to get it through my head that I have friends, obligations, and a life in Pittsburgh. I've spent many a night sitting awake trying to blog for the three of you who pay attention to this thing, and the number of saved drafts I have are ridiculous. As for my last post- I know all three of you are thinking it's about Alex... well, it's not. Maybe it's because I'm preoccupied with class, crazy kids like Becca and Kate, and having an all around college experience... but that hole in my chest doesn't hurt as much as I thought. As much as I can occupy myself, there's still those few hours of down time right before I fall asleep- and they're not exactly easy to deal with. Although I've come to terms with the amount of cigarettes smoked, work out tapes done [oxymoron, right?] and hours wasted on seasons of t.v. shows- I can't exactly ignore the impounding loneliness that creeps up when I least expect it. So if I've been weird I'm sorry. In all honesty, I'm just lonely... and that's that I guess.

The moral of this story: you can't hurt me, cause I'm made of stone.

Until next time, stay classy kids.

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