Monday, February 8, 2010

Why yes, I DID spend all day watching other people play left 4 dead 2.

First and foremost:

I FREAKING GO TO COLLEGE AND I HAD A SNOW DAY TODAY! take THAT, high school kids! Second, I realize after drunk blogging, I fell behind on well..blogging. here's a few things I should tell you:
  • In exactly 6 days, I get older.
  • I turned down my first real college relationship.... via text message. [don't judge me, he made me text it.]
  • I saw something on facebook that actually made me cry tears of pure joy.
  • I made a video.
  • I bonded with some of the most unlikely girls, because the room mate I originally went to see was asleep.
  • I watched the super bowl... and kind of liked it.
  • I finally cried in front of jess.
  • I had a dance party consisting of all the songs you remember from prom.
  • I showed someone else's boyfriend my underwear for science.
  • I found even more reasons to love my old room mates.
and there you have it. A rather short, bulleted summary.

Until next time, stay classy kids.

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