Friday, July 31, 2009

My purse has once again become a mobile library.

Books are the single greatest thing to ever exsist-

this is something I've come to realize within the past few days. How I've gone without them for so long, I cannot tell you. This realization was thrust upon me when I finished The Half-Blood Prince for the millionth time. Of course I was in tears- the ending phrase "we're with you, whatever happens" having a lot to do with it. And to tell you the truth fellow bloggers, my yearning to become a fictional character has reached it's peak. I long to live in the pages of a book alongside some of the most interesting people ever. I want to pull an "Alaskan" prank, I want to search Europe for horcruxes, hell I'm even curious about a fictional life in Forks, Washington.[against my better judgment.] A break into an ink-and-paper world would be more than welcome at this point. I'm sick of distractions in this world and I'm sick of making decisions. I would gladly accept someone else's ability to make decisions for me. But despite all of these feelings, I am quite content at the moment, sitting in my haven in Lakewood with my coffee, [which is more excellent than usual, FTW] cigarettes, and company. I enjoy the small surprises in life- the ability to make up monologues on the spot, pancakes of the international sort, when myspace surveys ask you questions you WANT to answer.

The moral of this story: paper girls don't always have the most fun.

Until next time, stay classy kids.

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