Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is for Fawley, because he reads my blog.

Today, I got free pizza-

for washing my hands in a pizza shop in Highland Square. Technically, I got TWO free pizzas, but who's counting? [I am!] of course the members of the J.J.K. had everything to do with the free pizza and cigarettes I obtained, and that is why love them. After re-reading my last post multiple times, I've come to realize just how big of a part Misdirected had in my life. Band practice became a weekly thing for me-whenever I needed a car all I had to do was say "mom/dad, I have practice tonight." and they'd hand over the keys, tell me to be home at a decent hour if it was during the school week, and let me go. But that period of my life has come and gone, and much like The Orange Street, will be missed terribly. On a much lighter topic, the J.J.K. will once again be terrorizing Lakewood/Cleveland Heights on Monday-so any of you kids who live in and or around either of those areas should make a point to find us and converse for a little while...we'll most likely be at Taco Bell-eating our body weight in cheap Mexican food, The Flower Child-going insane over retro home furnishings, American Apparel-crying over overpriced hoodies, or Common Grounds- smoking our lives away and drinking copious amounts of bad ass coffee.

The moral of this story: The J.J.K. is everything you wish you could be.

Until next time, stay classy kids.

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