Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I would give to have an imaginary friend...

What's happening to me-

It's 11:37 and I'm about to crash. What is this nonsense? I haven't slept before 5 A.M. in three months and now suddenly, I'm tired at 11:37!? I'm vaguely insulted...but then again, maybe it's time for my insomnia to right itself. The whole reason it came about in the first place has been fixed-and through my insomnia I have had the privilege of doing some fantastic things...like revisiting friendships I thought had long since died. And above all, it lead me to discover the joy of blogging...but maybe it's time to retire while I'm ahead. Yeah, my past three months have been hard-but at the same time they were absolutely amazing. Without them, I wouldn't have the J.J.K and the closest thing I have to a real life imaginary friend-Tyler. But like the Kling house, my insomnia seems to have done all it could do for me...righted all the wrongs that caused it to spring to life in the first place.I am forever grateful for three months worth of sleepless nights spent in coffee shops across Ohio with anyone I could convince to come out with me. So I would like to say thank you- to anyone who was kind enough to get out of their bed/off their chair to come out and spend the hours in between today and tomorrow with me.Thank you for listening to my stories and reading my blog-thank you for understanding just how much I needed another person at the most awkward of hours.

The moral of this story:

Until next time, stay classy kids.

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